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Understanding what influences the cost of block paving

Several factors can influence the overall price if you are considering having a block paving driveway installed at your home but are working on a budget. Below we will examine some of these and how you can reduce costs.

The size of the driveway or patio

One of the more apparent aspects of block paving that can affect the is the size of the area being paved. The resource and the number of materials involved will naturally increase with a larger area. If the budget is constrained, consider using more grass and less paving or combining tarmac with paving.

The style of block paving design

Unlike tarmac or concrete driveways, block paving offers excellent variety in terms of different styles, but some designs are more complex to install than others. Stretcher bond pattern is the most straightforward to lay and will cost you less as it takes less time than something interlocking and elaborate like a Herringbone technique. Including bespoke designs that incorporate spiral shapes or something similar will also drive up the price.

DIY Preparation

If you are replacing worn or damaged block paving or want to upgrade the design, you can reduce the cost through some DIY. If physically possible, removing the existing block paving yourself can help save a lot of time and money instead of paying a professional and experienced contractor. Call our team today if you are looking for a skilled building firm to lay a fantastic-looking new block paving driveway or patio on a budget.