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How to protect driveways against the harsh elements of winter

The recent cold snap has brought the bitter realities of the winter cold to the forefront of everyone’s minds, but one fact that may have bypassed some is the effect cold and ice can have on driveways. In this article, we will provide four helpful methods to winterproof driveways.

Keep your driveway clean

Keeping driveways clear of leaves during the autumn can help stem mud and debris from accumulating. The effect of this is twofold; one, it will make it easier to keep your driveway hazard free when ice and snow arrive, and two, it will help prolong the lifespan of your driveway.

Remove snow to keep your driveway safe

Even though driveways are robust and hardy, leaving snow on the surface can result in damage and cracks that allow water to seep in when the snow thaws. When the snow falls, instead of admiring the uniqueness of snowflakes, start shovelling with a plastic edge shovel so as not to scratch the surface of the driveway. Clearing the snow straight away will help you avoid dangerous ice spots.

De-icing your driveways

Some de-icing products contain harsh chemicals such as ammonium nitrate and sulphates that can harm the surface of your driveway, the surrounding plants and grass and even your vehicle. By far, the best material to use to thaw out an icy driveway is sand.

Maintain the joints

If you have a block paving driveway, it’s essential to keep the joints between the paving replenished with sand to ensure they remain stable and prevent frost from creeping into the driveway. If your driveway has suffered any damage during the recent cold spell, call our team today for a free assessment and quotation.