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The best methods for cleaning block paving

One of the many benefits of installing block paving for a driveway or patio is the lack of maintenance it requires to stay in excellent condition. However, there are a few ways in which you ensure your block paving in Rugby remains immaculate all year round, which we’ll illustrate below.

Treat the root systems and weeds first

With block paving, the joints between the paving stones are perfect for growing weeds and become a nuisance and eyesore if not treated. Before washing block paving, the first step is to remove weeds and eliminate the root systems. Any cheap white vinegar is a superb weed killer that will keep your block paving looking fantastic.

Pressure washing block paving

Using a pressure washer is an efficient, effective and enjoyable way to clean block paving, but only if you are careful – there’s no point in having clean block paving if you damage it with overeager washing. It’s best to use the pressure washer on a medium setting, spraying the water jet at an angle and in short bursts. With this method, you’ll avoid degrading the surface of the block paving and destabilising the sand bed, which can loosen the pavers.

Soapy water and a stiff brush

If you manage to wash your block paving frequently, you might get away with using a stiff-bristled brush with some warm soapy water. If the grime is particularly stubborn, you can apply a patio solution to your block paving, which you can leave for a few minutes before brushing away the dirt and rinsing the pavers. Contact our enthusiastic team today for a free no-obligation quote if you are interested in a new block paving patio or driveway.