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Four ways to make patios more appealing

As the evenings are becoming longer, we can feel spring approaching which means those with patios in Rugby will look forward to enjoying more time outside in the sunlight. But if your patio lacks charm and appeal, what inexpensive yet effective changes can you make so it’s more exciting and enticing?

Use flowers and plants vertically

Having plants and flower beds around patios in Rugby is one way to decorate an outdoor space, but if you hang them on walls, fences or a trellis, it can create a sense of depth and drama that demand the attention of guests.

Be daring with your furniture

With outdoor spaces, the standard rules of interior design no longer apply. Colourful flowers and plants surround patios so you can be daring with your furniture and choose vibrant colours to form a stimulating outdoor space.

Decorate the floor

The patio floor is easy to neglect, but it can become a point of interest if you know how to decorate it effectively. If you have a concrete floor, you can use rugs to create a feeling of warmth, or if it’s a wooden deck, consider painting the wood in lively colours or designs.

Use a coffee table as a focal point

If you use your patio frequently for breakfast and lunch, a unique coffee table is a great way to generate a focal point. Tables made from natural materials such as stone, logs or glass can add personality to any outdoor space. Contact us today if you are looking for a team of experts to provide a free, no-obligation quote for a patio.