Comprehensive Paving Services in Rugby

There are various methods of paving in Rugby available for covering driveways and constructing patios. Still, the one that is most suitable for your property and space will depend on various factors, such as the intended vehicle loads, space, the existing brickwork, and your budget. At CDS Warwickshire, we have over twenty years of experience paving in Rugby, delivering high-quality methods for covering driveways and patios that are both functional and visually appealing. Our customer-focused approach ensures complete satisfaction at an affordable price within your budget.

Types of paving in Rugby

Paving is a general phrase incorporating many different materials and techniques paving specialists can use to construct new patios or driveways. At CDS Warwickshire, we only use the best quality branded paving blocks in the following styles:

Standard pavers:
The standard pavers we use are one of the most cost-effective ways of paving in Rugby and still possess a rugged durability and quality look. They are available in a standard 200mm x 100mm dimension, with the favoured 50mm deep block used on most driveways and patios.

Tumbled Pavers:
Pavers that are tumbled in a drum cylinder to give them a particularly distressed and rustic finish are known as tumbled pavers. They work well against the backdrop of traditional or contemporary properties when used in driveways, patios, or even as a pathway on the lawn. The price point is higher than a standard paver, but the quality of the blocks pays for itself over time.

Decorative Pavers:
Similarly to tumbled pavers, decorative pavers undergo a distinct manufacturing process, including an additional treatment that gives them their elegant appearance.

Bradstone Assured Installers

As one of the leading paving specialists in Rugby, we hold the status of Bradstone Assured Installers, owing to our expertise and commitment to excellence. Upon your initial enquiry, our team will work to establish the best paving solution for your requirements and budget. Our design team will then apply their skill and knowledge to create the ideal layout for your driveway or patio. We will arrange a site visit so we can establish any potential obstacles, locate any service pipes and mark out the driveway or patio. Once all the details are in place, our team will arrive on the day ready to prepare the sub-grade before laying the paving. Once the paving is in place, we will apply an acrylic sealant to keep it protected and looking fantastic for years to come.


CDS Warwickshire: The leading name for paving in Rugby

For over twenty years, CDS Warwickshire has been helping homeowners in Rugby make the most of their driveways and patios with expert paving solutions. Our customer-focused approach ensures we act with honesty and integrity and deliver a reliable and competitive service. We are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, which is a testament to our expertise and skill, and we can offer references on request. All our pavers are of the highest quality and come with a 10-year guarantee in the event of any issues. Contact our team today for any paving requirements you have.