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Different types of block paving in Coventry

Block paving in Coventry is ubiquitous in the city and the suburbs, but can you distinguish between the different types of block paving in Coventry? Below, we will look at the three main types of paving in Coventry and their differences.

Standard paving in Bedworth

When it comes to block paving in Bedworth, standard pavers are highly favoured due to their cheaper price point, durability and look. The standard dimensions are 200mm x 100mm with two paving depths available – 50mm or 60mm. Most paving in Bedworth will feature 50mm deep pavers, which is more than adequate for driveways.

Tumbled paving in Warwick

Tumbled pavers undergo a unique manufacturing process to brand a distinctive distressed look for paving in Warwick. The pavers are dropped in a tumbling drum cylinder providing a reclaimed aesthetic that works exceptionally well for paving in Warwick within the grounds of period homes. They also work as meandering paths or as block paving in Warwick patios. You might have to stretch your budget a little bit for tumbled pavers than standard versions, but the finished look is worth the outlay.

Decorative pavers

The name is a slight indication, but decorative pavers are the most expensive way of paving Bedworth driveways. Decorative pavers are less omnipresent than standard or tumbled ones and come in various textures, shapes and sizes. After the manufacturing process, they undergo a secondary treatment to achieve an ornate look.

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